Nov 17

Monthly Fitness Party Nov 2011 – Pole Position

It’s Party..It’s a Class… It’s Both!!!

Pole Position: Pole Position tones and strengthens the body using your own body weight to build lean muscle. During the course you will learn dance and aerial moves on dance pole.

Pole 101 is for all levels, shapes & sizes (the pole can hold up to 300 lbs).

Join Exoticise Master Instructor Jaguar Rain ss you learn how to work the pole!

This is Pole Position 101 so its for EVERYBODY. The goal of this class is to build up your upper body strength so that you can move on to POLE 200 where we do all the fancy stuff you always see!

Pole Dancing is great for toning up your body and increasing your confidence!

Bring your heels, cute & comfy workout cloths and be ready for some fun!


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