Sep 17

Live the Fabulous Life

Fabulous Diva

Being Fabulous

astounding, amazing, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, astonishing, legendary, immense, unbelievable, breathtaking, phenomenal!

A woman who gets it all done with grace, style, and ease!

Part 1: Dancing

STYLE: Seduction in Motion:The Art of Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing is my absolute favorite form of Exotic Dance!  It allows you to get up close and personal with your honey!  Part of living the Fabulous Life is being at home with your sexiness and knowing how to work it!   Learn a fun routine before we get to the girl talk!

Part 2: Discussion

TOPIC: Strong Independent and Feminine?

Women love to talk and I promise this discussion will be juicy!  This month’s topic is about balancing our strength with grace.  If you relate to yourself as a strong independent woman, yet find yourself single, tired, overwhelmed and/or “doing it all,”  consider that you may not be operating from your feminine power.  The thing is we often confuse femininity with weakness and think to get things accomplished we have to make it happen.  The FIRE in us (also known as our masculine power) is strong and forceful, and the WATER in us (also know as our feminine power) is malleable and powerful.  Most of us are quite Fiery and have no idea how to flow like the water, and are unaware of how important it is to Living the Fabulous Life!