Jul 08

Certification 2-Day

certification300x300adJOIN THE FUN! You already know about the popularity of Exotic Dancing for fun & fitness. Maybe you’ve taken a class, teach, or are still thinking about it. Whatever your status, one thing is certain: women everywhere want to learn the art of Exotic Dancing. The Exoticise Instructor Certification Program is a simple, convenient, and affordable way to be part of this new movement in dance and fitness. TOP BENEFITS

  • Increased Income
  • Empowering women to be confident
  • Experiencing a personal transformation


    • Full Classes

  • A support Network of substitute instructors
  • Affordable marketing & advertising
  • A professional & easy way to manage your website
  • New choreography
  • Party & student referrals

 You should join the Diva Dance Network! Find out more @ http://www.teachexoticdance.com

Before you can come to the 2-Day, you have to start the training program.  ENROLL TODAY!!!

 Until Sunday, 24 August 2014

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