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Since 2010, I hadn’t felt like myself. I’m NORMALLY happy, energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, have great skin, and in great shape. It started off slowly. I found myself experiencing things like joint pain, lethargy, weight gain (despite clean eating and working out), and depression, and acne (yikes)!

Between 2010 and January 2015, I saw a gang of doctors, was off an on Prednisone, was popping Benadryl, Claritin and seriously considering an anti-depressant. I was poked prodded and testing for all sorts of allergies and event with eliminating gluten from my diet, I was still a mess!

Folks kept telling me I was just “GETTING OLDER” and that I just had to learn to adapt. #fail

Finally after my 2nd visit to the ER for some sort of severe allergic reaction, I went totally Alternative. My naturopathic Doctor diagnosed me with Candidiasis, a bad case, which explained a myriad of health/body issues I’d been dealing with over the last 4-5 years!

– Eczema
– Achy Painful Joints
– Weight Gain
– Resistance to Weight Loss (no matter what I ate/how much I worked out)
– Fatigue (no matter how much rest I got)
– Vertigo
– Bloating/Gass
– PMS (I never had PMS before!)
– ITCHING (OMG the itching!)
– Insomnia
– Brain Fog
– Food Sensitivities (I became Gluten Intolerant!)
– Acne (Oh my once clear and blemish free skin )

What I found out about Candidiasis and it’s EVIL Child, Leaky Gut, AMAZED me and since September 2014 I’ve been at work to kill off the Candida and HEAL my body systems.

The result? I am 30 lbs lighter, feeling happier, healing my skin, starting to get my hair back, and making great progress in other areas too! The key is to get in FRONT of this thing and don’t wait until your situation is CRITICAL (like mine), so I decided to create this course!

Yes we’re getting OLDER, but we don’t have to feel like it! If you have been dealing with any of the things listed, there is a HIGH likelhood, you’re in a Candida crisis. LET ME HELP.


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