Dance styles

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So you wanna learn to Pole Dance? Awesome!! The thing is, you gotta be strong to work the pole Diva! No worries, Diva Dance Tease-n-Tone is specially designed to get you into Pole Dancing shape. In this class you will learn the art of sensual

Belly Groove

Belly Dancing is an ancient  dance form. Thought to have originated in Northern Africa and the Middle East, in modern times it is usually performed by women to middle-eastern inspired music. Belly Dance is a great form  of exercise for flexibility,

Pole Position

Pole Position: Pole Position tones and strengthens the body using your own body weight to build lean muscle. During the course you will learn dance and aerial moves on dance pole. Pole 101 is for all levels, shapes & sizes (the pole can

Lap Dance

Fun and flirty, the lap dance class is a great class for toning, tightening, and increasing flexibility. Using similar moves to Fit-Tease it offers variety and the opportunity for more toning and strength


Fit-Tease: Teaches women how to move in the seductive manner of old-time burlesque dancers. It is sassy, fabulous, and fun! On par with the exertion level of a beginners power yoga class, Fit-Tease is a great class for students just starting a new