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January 2014 Special w/ Sweet Satisfaction

Ladies celebrate your events in an exciting way Any 1 Party Style, you pick -Pole Dance -Burlesque -Lap Dance -Striptease Invite up to 10 ppl *ONLY $$ 20.14 $$$$$$$$ 20.14 $$$$$$$$ PER PERSON CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR DATE QUICKLY. 708-669-4499 ASK FOR SWEET SATISFACTION

Sexy Reborn, 3wk Pole Class This class is given by Sweet Satisfaction, exotic dance instructor. It consists of warming up with other exotic dance styles then moves on to learning technical styles of pole dance like poses, transitions, spins, and holds. All the moves learned will become a short sexy pole dance routine. Become confident and sexy! Pole Class …

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Striptease Dance Lesson 08/29/13 Thursday

Learn the enticing art of STRIPTEASE. Ladies, get your girlfriends together for a great night of refreshments, drinks, music, and fun. Peel off the layers of your sexy confidence. A FREE gift will be raffled off to 1 lucky winner. Ladies are welcome to bring large shirts to peel off, or gloves, and as props …

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